Oh Crap

For the past six months I have been champing at the bit for Book #3 to hit the On Line Stores. Now I have a tentative publication date, and I’m afraid I’ll throw up.


I had a lot of fun writing Getting It Right.

I combined some of my favorite things:  Independent women busy saving the world.  Wounded children.  Dogs.

Horses.  A rooster with one leg.

(To quote Walker- my hero- upon sighting the rooster: “No idea how that worked. Didn’t care.”)

An alpha male toting tons of baggage who steps up.

Photo by catnap300

(Apologies to Mr. Wirth-who may not have any baggage and didn’t volunteer to star in my novel…..)

I was sure it was the best book I’d written.

It probably was.

Now, 6 months later I’m keenly aware of it’s shortcomings.


I’ll keep you posted.

Now I’m gonna go write something else
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