Informed Consent

Informed ConsentGiving Way Book Two

When Denise and Andrew fell in love, she learned marrying Andrew would mean a traditional marriage, complete with physical discipline. Denise said it short and sweet:  “No thanks.”

Months later Denise’s parents died, leaving her with guardianship of three rambunctious younger brothers. The catch? She had to marry Andrew.

In Informed Consent, Denise and Andrew face all the bumps and scrapes any new marriage experiences. Added to that, they both race to corral her three wild brothers, each more than a handful in his own unique way. Denise has to grow up in a hurry to keep up with her brothers and Andrew is just the man–and has just the means– to motivate her. Meanwhile, and unexpectedly, Denise experiences a softening of her heart.

More than a spanking love story, Informed Consent chronicles Denise’s growing understanding of Domestic Discipline amidst the chaos of a challenging family in the modern world.

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It wasn’t as easy to be the Head of the House as a person might think. It was supposed to mean he was in charge and was obeyed and respected.  It seemed to mean he had to think for everybody and he was constantly battling with his wife. His brother Neil and his father– both of whom had guided and controlled intelligent, resourceful, independent minded women successfully for years– would say he was doing something very wrong. There shouldn’t be that many conflicts. At that moment, he suspected they were right. And at the same time, he had no idea what to do differently. Denise went back to examining her small toe, the coppery curls now cascading down towards her foot. Andrew pulled a lungful of air in through his nose, letting it out before he spoke.  “Look at me please.” She did. A slight flush stained her cheekbones. “There were a few things we talked about you accomplishing this week.”

Like getting the gate fixed. Like talking to the three contractors he’d recommended about repairing the wreck of a house.   Like finding a direction in her life… He didn’t say: And it’s freaking Thursday.

He kept his eyes on her face so he saw the tiny little rebellious twitch in her jaw.  “I hope you do get them done, Denise. I’d like to avoid using corrective measures.” Saying ‘spank’ would have inflamed his wife. Saying ‘Corrective measures’ made him sound like a giant ass. All he wanted to do was not provoke the woman.

The tiny rebellion swelled.  “You don’t have to, Andrew.  You choose to.” Being the bigger man, Andrew ignored the tone and the words, although he did lift a brow and shoot her the look.

“Excuse me,” she muttered, laying another fine layer of purple to an area that seemed impossibly small.  She could be a surgeon– not going to happen. He squatted down. She continued to focus on her toe; she was Michelangelo, her toe the Sistine chapel. Now she was toying with him. “Look at me Babe.” Even with her petulance, he wanted to push her down on the floor and make her scream with pleasure. And orgasm six or nine times. “Your stuff has to be settled in this room when I get home tonight.”  He caught her chin with one finger and kissed her lips– first sweet and soft and then pillaged her mouth, his palm sliding around to the back of her head and holding her firmly where he wanted her. A groan escaped– coming from deep in her throat. He grinned behind the kiss.  He kissed and nipped at her lips, her ear lobe, her throat while his other hand wandered and found her breast. “Get it done, Babe.”

It wasn’t every man who was lucky enough to successfully use sex to motivate his wife.


“Just as amazing as book 1! What else can I say? I couldn’t put it down and was disappointed when it came to the end. Such excitement, LOL parts, romance, etc. Can’t wait to read more by this author!” 5 out of 5, Rachel

“LOVED IT!! I seriously almost started crying when I realized there are no more books in the series. I cannot wait to hear more from this author!! I laughed out loud so many times My Man agreed to read the books after me. ;-)” 5 out of 5, Young Lady

“This is the second book in this series. I give it five stars because it has. Good plot with realistic characters. I was drawn into book one and I was just as drawn in to this one.” 5 out of 5, Laney

“Part two was just as entertaining as the first book. I was so glad to have the opportunity to read more and get even better insight into a host of well-crafted characters.” 5 out of 5, angelmischief

“Very nice sequel with plenty of action and problems to go around for anyone. It was nice to see just where the characters after they have been married for awhile and hopefully we will see more of them because they still have some unresolved issues.” 5 out of 5, Alicia

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