An Alpha woman who can’t resist an Alpha man, Saoirse first wrote stories in Geometry Class. Each chapter got passed to the person in the next desk. Her classmates became voracious readers. Since then, Saoirse wrote in Board Rooms, and courtrooms, during volleyball games, and Christmas concerts. Alerted by others when it was time to make a wise comment, clap politely, or cheer wildly, Saoirse is a connoisseur of coffee, and chocolate, big alpha men (and dogs). She is a foster mother to all strays and orphans with a particular penchant for obnoxious teens and orphan raccoons.

Current Quote:

“I will always fall for a man who can toss me over his shoulder.”


You can also visit me at: GivingWay.org

3 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for reading Victory. If I can’t be honest here in cyber-land, where can I? And what would be the use? I hope you come back to read and comment!
      Take care,

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