Oh Crap

For the past six months I have been champing at the bit for Book #3 to hit the On Line Stores. Now I have a tentative publication date, and I’m afraid I’ll throw up.


I had a lot of fun writing Getting It Right.

I combined some of my favorite things:  Independent women busy saving the world.  Wounded children.  Dogs.

Horses.  A rooster with one leg.

(To quote Walker- my hero- upon sighting the rooster: “No idea how that worked. Didn’t care.”)

An alpha male toting tons of baggage who steps up.

Photo by catnap300

(Apologies to Mr. Wirth-who may not have any baggage and didn’t volunteer to star in my novel…..)

I was sure it was the best book I’d written.

It probably was.

Now, 6 months later I’m keenly aware of it’s shortcomings.


I’ll keep you posted.

Now I’m gonna go write something else
RebeccaLewis_May2014_bored-woman-keyboard-sad-Shutterstockshutterstock image



14 thoughts on “Oh Crap

    • Thanks, jade. Your vote means a lot! Blushing gave me someone very thorough as an editor. She found stuff even after the others called “done”. Hope you like the finished product. It is deeper than the Consent ones, wasn’t it?

      • Yes, absolutely. The heroine was smart and strong and overwhelmed, frankly, and I liked the give and take between the hero and heroine. I also very much liked the strong father figure in the hero. While I’m not a fan of putting hands to kids, you handled that scene with style and realism. it worked well, I thought. Gutsy call. I hope you kept it.

  1. Congratulations! I look forward to reading your book when it’s on Amazon! I loved your first two books and I am sure this will be just as good if not better. Interesting to hear what you have included, but not too sure about the one-legged cockerel. We had a one-legged duck once, though, so anything’s possible. LOL!


    • Thanks, Ami! There were enough photos, songs and poems about one legged rooster I felt it was justified! We had a rooster I wished had one leg, as it would have slowed him down!

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