thCAGJQO41It’s been far too long since I was active in this community. I’ve missed it. If you’ve been with me for awhile you know my family was thrown through a loop in February this year and we have yet to land.  My daughter is as weak as a kitten.  The disease has stopped growing-which is good, right? But it is still there and I have no idea what that means and no one is going to tell me until this Friday. Limbo is not my favorite place to be.  limbo_screen

Disappearing from some of my important-to-me-routines is one thing for a short sprint but won’t do for a marathon. I have to put things back in place that keep my spirit strong.  This community is one of them.

The practice of submission is another–one that I didn’t drop.Because, in the end, life happens: glorious, powerful, devastating, awe inspiring. It happens. You might as well surrender gracefully.


14 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. You are in my thoughts. Still. And nobody likes being in limbo….
    But you are right, the practice of submission is something that should be part of life (at least for me) and not just when it is convenient.

  2. Limbo is my least favorite place to be, Saoirse. We’re still praying for you all.

    I think it is a positive thing. I don’t understand much, but I found a credible article that may explain some things before you get to speak with someone so you don’t do what I do and spin. When cancer stops growing


  3. Good to hear from you. Limbo is not fun. Praying for some good news for you on Friday. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.


  4. I’ve so relieved that they have stopped the disease from growing!

    I’m not terribly submissive myself – as can be shown by my posts – but I am glad you find it easier than me!

    I’m continuing to send you hugs, prayers and positive thoughts!


    • Sorry to have been so long in responding. I found the comments right away, though, and gathered courage from them. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers-they support me.

  5. This was brief and beautiful. It’s good to hear that you’re taking care of yourself, as you take care of each other. Sending positive thoughts your way for Friday.

    • Thanks, Tess. I’m so sorry to have been slow to respond-but I got it right away and it, as did the other comments, helped. It’s harder to find time to return to this community than I want it to be. Hope all is well in your world!

  6. So good to hear from you! Limbo is the worst feeling in the world! I’m still praying for you and your family, and I think of you often. I hope the news you get is what you all want to hear.
    There are no words for how hard this process is and I hope you and your daughter are finding things to laugh about. I know my family’s sense of humor threw all my treatments are what kept me sane!
    I will keep praying!

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