Giving Way Book II: Informed Consent

Released on Blushing Books :

Informed Consent: Giving Way Book Two

Informed Consent: Giving Way Book Two
When Denise and Andrew fell in love, she learned marrying Andrew would mean a traditional marriage, complete with physical discipline. Denise said it short and sweet: “No thanks.”
Months later Denise’s parents died, leaving her with guardianship of three rambunctious younger brothers. The catch? She had to marry Andrew (Reluctant Consent: Giving Way Book One).

In Informed Consent, Denise and Andrew face all the bumps and scrapes any new marriage experiences. Added to that, they both race to corral her three wild brothers, each more than a handful in his own unique way. Denise has to grow up in a hurry to keep up with her brothers and Andrew is just the man–and has just the means– to motivate her. Meanwhile, and unexpectedly, Denise experiences a softening of her heart.

More than a spanking love story, Informed Consent chronicles Denise’s growing understanding of Domestic Discipline amidst the chaos of a challenging family in the modern world. Informed Consent contains scenes of semi-consensual spanking and realistic domestic discipline in a modern setting. Please do not buy “Informed Consent” if such themes offend you.

9 thoughts on “Giving Way Book II: Informed Consent

  1. I can’t wait to read this! I’ve read the first one three times now – it’s a good story, and it is also pretty soothing to read when you are going through all these things yourself!

    Hugs, Ami

    • Ami you made my week! Thank you so much. You may have no idea what that means to me but I assure you, it’s huge! I’m printing your comment out and framing it. (When I come down off the ceiling where I’m floating with happiness.)

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