Life and Lemons and Doorways

When life gives you

You can


This blog has meant a lot to me.  I’ve worked a lot of things out by writing here, and I’ve learned a whole lot more by reading other blogs.

For someone like me-with very little techie knowledge-there’s a million ways to screw up your anonymity.  I used a non techie one; I trusted the wrong person.  Just to make it worse-I’m been trusting this person for years.  When the threat to blow my anonymity first came through-subtle venom oozing towards me–I sat there dazed.

HE said:  Your Blog.

“Huh?” (Me. I can be VERY quick)

He pats me patiently on the head. :  Do you care if people know you’re Saoirse?


“Then you’re fine.”

I snuggle farther into his chest-which is now damp.

I continue to sob.  Which is not something I do often-unless under duress (wink wink) (see? I’m not techie enough to know how to put those cute little emoticons in here. 😦 )

“Do you care if the children  know you’re Saoirse?”

I shake my head. Causing my nose to chafe against his damp shirt.

I’m not a horrible mother, people.  The children are all a LOT taller than me (and believe me I am not short) and know I write OBSCENE FILTH.

“Do you care if people and the kids know OTHER THINGS about Saoirse?”

I may be slow at times.

But you don’t need to beat me over the head with a baseball bat to get MY attention.

So, I levitated from the bed, raced to the computer and like a real techie would–Made the blog private.

And since that time,  I’ve just made any AH HMMMN posts from the past– “private”.

I’ll have to think about a long term solution.

I could remove the threat.


I could.

I’m ranked Expert by the US Army…..

                                                                     But, that’s not my style.

I try to be a warm gentle generous person.

Unless my cubs are threatened.

                                                                                                                                                                   Excuse me-He’s asking a question.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               You did too know I could shoot.



Back to threatening my kiddos:


For now-I’ll be visiting you all as usual.  And posting here in a more discreet manner.  I’ll be thinking about which door to walk through.

And we’ll see.

Thanks to you all for you kind support.

20 thoughts on “Life and Lemons and Doorways

  1. Yesterday, I thought “who would want to hurt Saoirse?” Today, I find myself thinking “Who would be stupid enough to cross Saoirse?”

    I’m glad you didn’t decide to simply go away…though I see now that’s not your style, scary lady! : )

  2. I don’t know, I think I’m with Kevan…no crossing Mama bear!

    You will make a good decision and it really does sound from your tone like you are handling all this well. Stick close to that guy with the damp shirt. He’s got your back.

  3. It’s unconscionable. I can only hope there will be some moral epiphanies and or pharmacological involvements in order to bring this person around. You don’t strike me as one who would cast her trust about without cause. But I think you are wise to protect your cubs (at any age regardless of height and fortitude).

    And just for the record …. I’m just here to trade recipes … I don’t know what the rest of you are up to 😉

  4. Ugh, why do people have to suck?

    Truthfully, I’ve not managed to trust anyone from my real real life enough to tell them – a best friend who I’ve never met, yes. Going the other way and letting a few select people from the recipe-trading world into the other side as well, yes. But not telling people I’ve known…. sometimes, those people you’ve trusted for a while will be the first ones to turn on you.

    I’m sorry, but I’m glad you didn’t just disappear.

    • I agree completely and would never have done so either-except this person has always known all of my secrets since I was 5. She is the only person I would/will confide in-except as you say: I treasure the friends I have made in this recipe trading community. I feel very lucky to have one person I can lunch with and others I can talk to by phone. I have no idea what to do with the blog though-it was so centered on my growth and wonderings…..

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