Quick and Dirty Update


An evil gremlin has threatened my privacy. Personally-for myself and Him-don’t care.  But we have to protect the innocent, right?  I’m raising kiddos who just don’t need to know the sexual thoughts in their mother’s head. Or what she and Pops are doing in the bedroom.    So for now anyhow, the old posts are private while I brood about what to do…..

14 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Update

    • A mean, vicious, vindictive streak in a paranoid person who prefers to look at me as a Bad Person instead of herself–and has always gone for the jugular when pissed–that’s all it took.However much this is a blow now I also believe utterly in karma. Thanks for the support!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. I think this is something most of us fear. If only the world were a more accepting place.

    • Thanks faerie. I honestly don’t care if people know I’m on here-but I don’t want them to know what He and i may have been up to last night. We’re raising kids, you know? But the threat was at me- anger over an issue that has nothing to do with this lifestyle-this was just a way to hurt me–so I don’t think anyone should worry about being a target from this particular source! If the world were a more accepting place? Like most of us are here? Much better place, hands down.

    • Thank you Blue Bird! I’ll figure something out–and I believe that damage to my personal life has been foiled! Blog Land support means so much. It already did but is magnified now!

    • Thanks, Susie! What to do, what to do? For now I’m going to leave it up and mostly private or not personal-this is a stop gap though, I’m not sure what to do in the long run. Thanks for your support!

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