Good Things-revised

Photo: From a fan. It is in times of need that true humanity and love of one's neighbors really shines. May we all remember these actions when we aren't caught in such circumstances.

In times of trouble here in the US of A,  some  of us rise to occasion-Even small gestures give me hope for the human race.

On a personal note-Giving Way Book I: Reluctant Consent was released on Blushing Books (Thanks, Bethany!)  and on Amazon. Go check it out and let me know what you think!

Reluctant Consent: Giving Way Part 1

10 thoughts on “Good Things-revised

    • Thanks! It has been such fun! And Book II should come out (Cross my fingers and genuflect in front of the Bethany Burke Altar in the living room) in December. Thanks Zoe!

  1. I’m so new to the idea of Dd that I didn’t want to like it – but I loved your book! It held me all the way through. I sympathise with the heroine no end at the moment. Certainly wouldn’t want some strange lawyer to see all my bits! I can’t wait to see how you proceed with the story!

    • Ami! Thanks so much! I feel very naked having something I wrote out there. Publishers tell you not to take it personally-but come on! of course you do! So hearing from you made my weeekend! “held me all the way through” Those are words an author dreams of! Doanld Maass would be proud (hot shot agent who teaches writing) I worried about the lawyer scene-but that is the great fun of fiction-it’s not real life! even if it mirrors some of it! Again-thanks!

    • Wow! Your timing was perfect T Bear. I’m having fits about Informed Consent- Giving Way Book II and am tempted to run away from home. I would love to hear from you: what do you like about the book? If you tell me-I can make sure I include the elements you like in whatever I’m working on.
      Happy Holidays!

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