Three Reasons to Read Rita Lawless

1) Reading is good for you. It stimulates braincells and makes you a more rounded person.

2) Rita Lawless has a new release: A Real Page Turner is just that: a spanking novel that’s a page turner.  There is mystery, character development, secondary characters, spanking, hot sex, humor.  The heroine is a real person, with a brain that works.  She is not, as we say in Romance Writing World: Too Stupid Too Live. She is a successful, small business owner struggling to increase her market share. The hero is alpha, with a sense of humor.  Did I mention spanking? Hot sex?

3) If you don’t read this someone may spank you. Or, if you’re a spanko, NOT!

The Usual Question: Am I a Sicko?

Earlier this week I watched a clip from (  Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, right? Sorry, not my thing) speaking at Amnesty International   about violence towards women. It was a good speech, made by a man who seems lovely. Feel free to leave here and go watch and listen.

Of course I hope you come back.

The speech threw me into a funk.  I had just zipped my latest manuscript off to the editors, with several scenes of rough sex, bottom warming, and general using of physical force at times of emotional duress. No one, I thought, who knows me well outside of this community of like minded perverts would believe I wrote those books.

But I did.

I loved them.

Some of you loved them.

Even if you didn’t love them, even if you would rather go without ttyd* than read, you too probably lay awake at nights, occasionally wondering:  what the heck is wrong with me?  I am a strong, independent, successful woman. Why do I yearn for such events?

Or maybe: I’m a strong man, sure, but I love an independent, successful woman, so why is it I yearn to upend her over my knee and remove my belt?

Feel free to flip your sexual orientation and position in the power transfer……Anyone can spank anyone (unless: someone says no) as far as I’m concerned.

As usual, after several days of thought, and some kicking around with others, I end up in the usual place:

Location A:  Saoirse, roughly, translate to “Freedom”

                            Roghan, equally roughly, translates to : “Choice”

That’s why I chose the Alias** I did.  Freedom of Choice is the difference bewteen the Neanderthal Age, misogeny, patriarcy etc and ttwd.

Location B: Find the theory/explanation of your choice.

Safe. Sane. Consensual.

So the answwer to the Usual Question (See Title) is:

No. I’m a Spanko.

                                                                      (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

(ps: Consensual eliminates anyone under age, intoxicated, unconscious, under your real world power –ok–that’s gets really tricky once you are doing ttyd-YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!, or doesn’t speak your language. This protects animals as well as people who don’t speak the same language as you.)


* that thing we do/ that thing you do


** My apologies to the talented actress with a like name. I have no idea where she stands on these issues. (I don’t want to know either)

Contemporary Romance with a Spanking Twist

Just finished reading Caitlin’s Conspiracies by Mariella Starr.  I’m not sure if I’ve read anything by her before or not. (This is NOT a comment on her as an author– but me as a woman experiencing an overcrowded hard drive, i.e. my brain :) Anyhow, I really enjoyed this book.  The length is great- it’s  novel length, and well written, mandatory for a serious reader of fiction, not only a spanking fan. There is a well devleoped plot guiding the storyline, not just episodic spanking/sex.  Granted, I like a well done scene with discipline and/or sex as much as the next person, and perhaps more! But I really look for a novel, a story, a romance. Otherwise, it’s porn. There’s nothing wrong if you enjoy porn. I don’t. Probably because I’m an avid reader; my brain is my most developed sex organ.

Caitlin's Conspiracies by Mariella StarrCaitlin is a strong, self sufficient young woman who has been living under the radar for several years after fleeing the WITSEC program where she’d been placed to protect her from the backlash of a murder trial. (Whoah! Just read that sentence without stopping for breath.)  While in WITSEC she fell hard for an agent, Chase, but knew they had no future. In spite of hot sex, he’d told Caitlin he believed in dominance, and the concept didn’t interest her. I enjoyed reading about a heroine who is deeply invested in a man and yet able to walk away because the fit was wrong. Caitlin left WITSEC when the organization seemed determined to help the bad guys find her and lost her hard earned money. Now, doing a favor for a friend on behalf of her beloved horses, Caitlin slips up and her image hits national TV. Chase is on her trail before she knows it.  The rest of the story is the inevitable clash between these two intelligent people, the battle between the  Good Guys and the Bad Guys and an intriguing glimpse into multigenerational domestic discipline.

……….Caitlin ignored compliment. “I repeat, what are you doing here? I’m not in the program
“That’s why I’m here, you idiot,” Chase exclaimed. “I’m trying to save your life!”
“I’ll save my life,” Caitlin said steadily. “I’ve done it before, I’ll do it now.”
“No,” Chase said shaking his head and advancing on her. “I’m here, and I’m reclaiming
what should have been mine for a long time.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Caitlin demanded.
“I don’t like women swearing,” Chase said softly, dangerously. “I especially don’t like
my woman swearing.”
“You’ve gone fucking crazy,” Caitlin exclaimed. “I haven’t seen you in five years, and I
am certainly not your woman.”
“You’re mine,” Chase said stepping around her and hooking his arm around her torso and
picking her up off the floor………from Caitlin’s Conspiracies  By Mariellla Starr

Very interesting to me,  is the fact that Caitlin never completely buys in to the whole DD philosophy.  I think this is very unusual for DD literature.  (Somewhere a Stodgy Professor of Literature is having heart failure over the phrase ‘DD Literature’! Maybe this strict academician will give me a hard spanking…..) Not that Caitlin is an unwilling victim–Throughout the story it becomes clear Chase not only loves Caitlin but respects her independence and recognizes her strengths.  Caitlin loves Chase and by the end of their story, while not being a keen proponent of the practise of domestic discipline, comes to see the men are not all overbearing Neanderthals who have to always be right. She stays with Chase, and accepts his philosophy because she loves him and doesn’t want to live without him.

Go on–it’s $4.99 at Blushing Books.  Read it. Let me know what you think !



thCAGJQO41It’s been far too long since I was active in this community. I’ve missed it. If you’ve been with me for awhile you know my family was thrown through a loop in February this year and we have yet to land.  My daughter is as weak as a kitten.  The disease has stopped growing-which is good, right? But it is still there and I have no idea what that means and no one is going to tell me until this Friday. Limbo is not my favorite place to be.  limbo_screen

Disappearing from some of my important-to-me-routines is one thing for a short sprint but won’t do for a marathon. I have to put things back in place that keep my spirit strong.  This community is one of them.

The practice of submission is another–one that I didn’t drop.Because, in the end, life happens: glorious, powerful, devastating, awe inspiring. It happens. You might as well surrender gracefully.


Time for Some Comic Relief!

Time does not seem to be my friend lately.  It is either going too slow or too fast.  My daughter is going through her treatments with the grace of a true champion.  Her quiet strength  continues to amaze me.  There are days that I feel as though I can’t even put thoughts together in my head, let alone in writing.  A good friend told me I needed some comic relief and sent me a cartoon.  I just had to take a minute and share it with all of you.  I hope you enjoy it.  It made me smile.